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Dean McNash

Wound Care

Recently while working in the Bajrabarahi clinic I had the opportunity to help someone with an infected wound. A middle aged woman came into the clinic with a swollen, painful finger and a flesh wou read more..

Raina Chang

Rice Harvest in Nepal

I don’t know about you, but I grew up eating rice for basically every meal. My job in the house was to make sure the rice was washed and cooked by the time my dad got home from work. Then he would m read more..

Leah Friend

The Faces of My Patients

I looked down to check that I had everything. I wore my white lab coat, new name tag, and had pens in my pocket. My supplies were all laid out for the day, so familiar, and yet the surroundings quit read more..

Beth Randles

Nepali Women

Cricket highlights are buzzing in my left ear, as I peel apart crinkling, plastic sleeves of a wedding album. My patient’s fourteen-year-old son splits his attention between the static screen and hi read more..

Chelsea Leander ND

Naturopathy in Nepal

Four years ago I fell in love with the most impoverished district of Nepal called Humla.  Though I was there to research malnutrition, I quickly realized the desperate need of doctors in these vast read more..

Sarah Maiden

Human Suffering

Yesterday, I saw an 80 year old patient whose oxygen saturation read 75. In America, anyone under 90% gets an immediate oxygen cannula in their nose. When I first encountered this woman in her villa read more..

Kate Cauley

Bimdev Says His Daughter’s Name

Not long ago, I watched a man carefully walk into clinic, cane in hand, right arm and leg trapped in contracture from a stroke. He sat down silently and handed me his chart. I read the words hemiple read more..

Mallory Harman


She sat there like a queen, or a dictator, regally poised in a red plastic chair, her gold-tasseled nose ring eclipsed by her broad nose. Faded tattoos traced the corners of her chin in the shapes o read more..

Andrew Schlabach

The Best Medicine of All

I’m totally overdressed, now sweating in my puffy jacket that only a few hours ago seemed totally adequate to stave off the morning frost. The Nepali middle hills tower and surround my small team of read more..

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