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Jason Gauruder

Are you a shaman?

“Are you a shaman, is there medicine in the needles?” is a question I hear a lot; which is not really that different than a steady stream of Americans asking if acupuncture really works, but here I read more..

John Timm Jr.

Life is good in Kogate!

Well, I said that Nepal was going to be a life changing experience and it has been in so many ways. Lazy Cogitation I came to Nepal as a newly graduated Practitioner from a Chinese Oriental Medica read more..

Susana Correia

Community Inspired Acupuncture

It's 4 AM and I can't sleep.  I'm thinking about how much I still need to get done before wrapping up my volunteer stint here in Bhimphedi, Nepal in 10 days.  I have to write this blog post and a pu read more..

Amanda Johnson

Love and Chaos in Kathmandu

In that instant, when you’re sandwiched between a motor bike on your right, its passengers shirt tail grazing your arm, a gutter filled with unidentifiable sludge on your left, and an oncoming taxi read more..

Marian Klaes

Challenging, Educational and Enlightening

My experience with the Acupuncture Relief Project began after reading an article in an Acupuncture newsletter.  The information on the website described it as a cultural immersion and it truly lived read more..

Beth Fitzgerald

When do you stop CPR?

Long after I realized the man's injuries were too extensive to survive but not until his wife said "arret" and gently reached out with her bloodied hands to stop my chest compressions. Coming to Nep read more..

Jacqueline Bailey

Challenged in Every Way

Well, I survived my first week of clinic. Luckily for us it started off slower than expected which gave us a chance to get our feet wet. I'm finally feeling some rythym in the treatment room. I am i read more..

Lynn Lobo

The Stranger in our Village

My trip to Nepal was an amazing life experience with many shared gifts. I feel like I have been challenged and grown enormously in my skills as a teacher and community facilitator. I went to Nepal f read more..

Asiya Shoot

Meant To Be Together

Being a part of Acupuncture Relief Project (ARP) for seven weeks becomes your life so much that the day to day moments take a while to digest. As life is, when you are in it, it’s hard to see. But, read more..

Chad Wuest

Dr Chad

After a few days exploring Kathmandu, just the day before heading to Bhimphedi, we had our first serious meeting.  I think this is where the reality of everything really hit home for me. The next da read more..

Phonexay Simon

Vegetables for Medicine

I don't really know what to write about as far as my experience in Bhimphedi, Nepal goes. There are no dramatic events that stick out in my mind. All I know is that it is one of the most wonderful e read more..

Andrew Schlabach

Laughter is Good Medicine

One brisk afternoon in a remote village in the Southern district of Makawanpur, Nepal several men and women, bundled in many layers of brightly colored wool clothing, sat in the sun waiting for thei read more..

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