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Tara Gregory

Time to Heal

Over the last 6 weeks treating in the clinic here in Nepal time has flown by.  As I prepare to leave in just 3 days patients tell me that it seems like I have only just arrived days ago.  I ... read more..

Andrew Schlabach

Happy Holidays from Nepal

Happy holidays and thank you to everyone who supports our work in Nepal. We appreciate all of the good wishes we receive from the readers of this blog and our FaceBook page. We would also like to send... read more..

Natalie Gregersen

Beginnings and Endings

I'm sitting outside on a hot, sunny day with a view of the village of Chapagoan and a crystal clear view of the Himalayas in the distance...and of course there is a cat on my lap.  As writing is ... read more..

Sarah Richards

Heart, Brain and Courage

I swear that when I asked the Wizard for the brain, he gave me the heart instead! Luckily, I have chosen a career path where leading with your heart is completely acceptable. For the last 10 years I'v... read more..

Stephanie Grant

Wiggling Your Toes

I walk the dusty streets from Vajra Varahi Health Clinic to a small Newari village most mornings. My interpreter and I wind through alleys full of interested street dogs. We cut through schoolyards wh... read more..

Amy Schwartz

With Joyous Diligence

Since I’ve been here, besides treating patients, I’ve been reading some books of Buddhist thought.  One book that speaks to me deeply is called Medicine & Compassion, A Tibetan Lama’s Guidanc... read more..

Jeanne Mare Werle

Good Morning Nepal!

Good Morning Nepal! It’s 5:30 a.m.We at the Vajra Varihi Health Clinic are tossing our sleepy heads in bed while Monks twenty steps out the door are gonging, blowing gloriously long pipes and chanting... read more..

Sarah Martin

Sacred Challenges

Nepal is full of sacred sites – shrines, temples, and monasteries -some of which I’ve been graced with experiencing during my time off here. However, I’ve been reminded during my journey here that the... read more..

Kelli Jo Scott

Impressions: Fall Clinic Team Gets Started

Working with patients at the Vajra Varahi Clinic has been an interesting and amazing experience so far.  We see patients just two doors down from our bedroom, so the commute is very manageable. E... read more..

Andrew Schlabach

Project Update

Premier screening of Compassion ConnectsWe had a standing room only turn out for the premier screening of the short documentary by Tristan Stoch. Thank you to all of you who could attend. I'm includin... read more..

World Premier: Compassion Connects

Acupuncture Relief Project presents a world premier screening of Compassion Connects: Ancient Medicine for Modern Health CareHollywood Theater, Portland Oregon, June 13th 2012, 7:30pmFree Admission • ... read more..

Jessica Maynard

Good News Bad News

These past six weeks have been a whirlwind!  Treating patients in Chapagaon, Godhavari, Champi, and Sipadol has been wonderful, challenging, gruelling, a test of patience, endurance, ingenuity, a... read more..

Seven Crow

Communal Healing

Now that I have been in clinic for a couple weeks, I am able to observe the effectiveness of the community style of acupuncture that I am giving. Treating multiple people in the day turns out not to b... read more..

Brad Carroll

The Return

“Dhanybhad” and “dukhchha” are two of the first Nepali phrases I learned during my stay as a volunteer practitioner at the Vajra Varahi Healthcare Clinic in the village of Chapagaon. The first phrase ... read more..

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