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Andrew Schlabach

Snake Lake

As a person that can't quite get enough of Nepal I sometimes find it hard to convey to my friends, patients and colleagues just what keeps me going back. It is a place so filled with contradiction and... read more..

Diane Wintzer

Lost in Translation

{s5_mp3}{/s5_mp3}One Minute View: Episode 2These first few weeks have gone fast!  It's amazing how quickly all the newness o... read more..

Leith Nippes

Return to Nepal

This would be my 6th trip to Nepal, but my first time experiencing it during monsoon.  The valley was bone dry when I last left and after 7.5 months without rain everything was covered in a heavy... read more..

Andrew Schlabach

Project Prepares for 2010 Nepal Clinic

I am tremendously proud to announce that eight volunteer practitioners have been selected for the Acupuncture Relief Project's 2010 Nepal clinic. Our volunteers will be working at the Vajra Varahi Hea... read more..

Dr. Emilie Salomons

Emilie Salomons Project Recap

I arrived in Chapagaon, Nepal with two large bags overflowing with medical supplies. Appointed as the sole available doctor for the monsoon season in the ongoing rotation of health care practitioners ... read more..

Leela Longson

Yoga for Low Back Care

As an acupuncturist spending a few short months in Nepal, I often wondered if the healthcare we were offering was making any lasting difference.  I saw many chronic issues related to the stress o... read more..

Andrew Schlabach

2010 Project Announced - Call for Volunteers

Volunteer practitioners are the heart and soul of our small project. In the last two years we have had the distinct pleasure of working with 14 acupuncturists hailing from several Oriental medicine read more..

Alison Loercher

Doctors aren't supposed to get sick

December in the Kathmandu valley, the nights are cold and days are hot.  The mid day sun is deceptive in its warmth and leads you to believe that after sitting in it on your lunch break, you will... read more..

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