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Andrew Schlabach

Cultivating Gratitude

Living and working in Nepal is a very difficult experience to summarize. It involves an elaborate collage of sensory, emotional and spiritual aspects that can be observed but which somehow defy catego... read more..

Jennifer Walker

Nurturing Dignity

When you are living in the shadow of the Himal, it is difficult to find much that rivals it in beauty. There is this certain clarity that resonates in me when I can go to the rooftop of the clinic and... read more..

Jennifer Rankin

The Sacred in Everything

As time passes here in Chapagaon, I have come to reflect many times on how the sacred seems to infuse every aspect of life here. The mundane and the spiritual seem to be woven together in such a way t... read more..

Felicity Woebkenberg

People, Patients and Moments Shared

Felicity Woebkenberg at the Vajra Varahi Clinic, Chapagaon NepalI knew that the time that I spent in Nepal with the Acupuncture Relief Project would be a personal conquest of service. However, when I ... read more..

Stacey Kett

Part of a Community

Chapagaon is surrounded by beautiful terraced rice fields. The fields are broken up into small plots that are farmed, by hand, by individual and groups of families. I see many of these family members ... read more..

Danielle Lombardi

Three Women

There are three women around the ages of 30, 50, and 65, who have come to see me for treatment several times. They arrive in a big group from their village, and emanate strength, solidarity and patien... read more..

What Earthquake?

Arriving the day after a 6.9 earthquake shook the Kathmandu valley, Acupuncture Relief Project volunteers were uncertain as to what might await them. Fortunately the damage in the Kathmandu valley was... read more..

Andrew Schlabach

Assembling a Team

Assembling a Team | Acupuncture Relief Project | Nepal from Andrew Schlabach on Vimeo.Documentarist Tristan Stoch offers some insight into Acupuncture Relief Project's volunteer practitioners as they ... read more..

Andrew Schlabach

2010 Annual Report

To download our 2010 Annual Report and Financial Statement, please click here. Dear Volunteers, Donors and Supporters,On behalf of myself and our Board of Directors, I thank you for your interest in t... read more..

Rachel Pearce

Rachel's Birthday in Nepal

{s5_mp3}{/s5_mp3}One Minute View: Episode 4My 33rd birthday was one I never want to forget.  I woke up in the room I was sharing... read more..

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