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Kogate Clinic 2013

Kogate Clinic Project 2013 | Acupuncture Relief Project from Andrew Schlabach on Vimeo.

In 2013, Acupuncture Relief Project undertook its most challenging clinic project to date operating three new clinic sites. After braving the leeches and torrential rains we were able to establish and provide over 10,000 primary care visits.

Kogate Clinic

Acupuncture Relief Project | Kogate Clinic from Andrew Schlabach on Vimeo..

Acupuncture Relief Project takes on its most challenging clinic project in the remote region of Kogate Nepal. Project Director Andrew Schlabach outlines the clinic's vision and obstacles.

Mobile Medicine

Acupuncture Relief Project | Mobile Medicine from Andrew Schlabach on Vimeo.

Serving small remote villages by utilizing motorbikes and on foot, our volunteers are able to reach many patients who would be unable to come to our main clinic.

Interpreter Training

Interpreter Training | Acupuncture Relief Project | Nepal from Andrew Schlabach on Vimeo.

Acupuncture Relief Project focuses on on training local interpreters and medical practitioners. Our hope is to provide sustainable resources for the communities we serve.

Team Support

Acupuncture Relief Project | Support Team from Andrew Schlabach on Vimeo.

No team is complete without our behind the scenes support. Here is a tribute to the Didi's (sisters) who take care of us everyday. We couldn't do what we do with out them.

Compassion Connects Trailer

Compassion Connects Trailer from Andrew Schlabach on Vimeo.

In 2011, film-maker Tristan Stoch followed a team of Acupuncture Relief Project volunteer practitioners during their stay at the Vajra Varahi Clinic in Chapagaon, Nepal.
In this short film he successfully illustrates many of the complexities of providing primary medical care in a third world environment.

Compassion Connects: Synopsis

Against tremendous obstacles of poverty, in regions where the struggle to survive often usurp basic medical needs, five volunteerĀ  acupuncturists, set up a health clinic in Nepal. Through providing basic primary health care, a connection emerges between patient and practitioner that act as a vehicle for exploring fundamental questions about what it means have compassion, and elementarily, what it means to be a good human being. These relationships have long-lasting effects both personally and socially, bringing waves of compassion to all communities, at home and in Nepal, creating meaning, changing lives, changing communities.

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Assembling a Team

Assembling a Team | Acupuncture Relief Project | Nepal from Andrew Schlabach on Vimeo.

Documentarist Tristan Stoch offers some insight into Acupuncture Relief Project's volunteer practitioners as they prepare for the clinic in Nepal. In this short video, practitioners share their thoughts in what brought them to the program and what they hope to accomplish through the experience.

Diane Wintzer Interview

Licensed Acupuncturist Diane Wintzer has served with Acupuncture Relief Project in Nepal both as a clinic practitioner and as a project lead. Diane shares some of her experiences and insights about our clinic project in this thoughtful montage.

Kathmandu by Motorbike

Acupuncture Relief Project operates out of several clinic locations in the Kathmandu Valley of Nepal. Practitioners often travel the "Ring Road" by motorbike which as you will see, can be quite exciting. Join ARP volunteers Jackie Longson LAc and Andrew Schlabach LAc on a ride around Kathmandu.

Birbahadur Thapa

After one year and over 10,000 acupuncture treatments given in Nepal, Acupuncture Relief Project shares one of its many success stories. Mr. Birbahadur Thapa suffered a severe stroke over 10 years ago. When we first started treating him he could not walk, speak or use his right arm. See how we make a difference here in Nepal by seeing how Mr. Thapa has progressed.

Saathi Samuha Partnership

Acupuncture Relief Project volunteers have are now treating at the Saati Samuha Care Home in Patan, Nepal. In this interview, Program Supervisor, Shruti Karki shares how her organization helps recovering drug-users fight against the spread of AIDS and HIV in this community.

2008 Project Documentary

As the Acupuncture Relief Project prepares for its 2009 clinic in Chapagaon Nepal its founders, Leith Nippes and Andrew Schlabach reflect on the project's beginnings.

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